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Anonymous asked: Hi Hi i love your blog, its so much fun :D and you're very cute ^_^ i wanted to ask do you wear like eyeliner or something and if so how? I wanted to try ulzzang make up for tomboys :P


Aawww thank you!! Well personally I don’t put on make up really unless I’m going to a party or something formal, where you should look your best. Regularly I’m bare faced and wear no eyeliner. And if I do put on make up I never put on eye shadow. But that’s me. But when I do wear eyeliner I wear black. And I follow the natural line of my eyes, like my top eye lid and my bottom lash line. I don’t usually put a wing because I want it to look natural but if you are going to put a wing on it I would say make a small one that isn’t like how girls would normally make the wing thick and long. I personally think that makes the eyes look more girly.
Man I should probably make a video on this… We’ll have to wait and see. I’m sorry if you guys are waiting for my YouTube channel. I’ll try to re activate it again. Hope this helped! Good Luck !!~~~

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Anonymous asked: HIIIIIIII i love your blog :D i wanted to know where are the best places to shop for tomboy-ulzzang type clothing im at total lost XD


Hello, and thank you!
To be honest tomboy ulzzang style is just like the boy’s ulzzang style, kinda. It really all depends on your personal style and taste. Ulzzangs dress the classic style, chic, grunge-ish, hip-hop, all black, or just casual. It’s personal preference. So you just gotta really find what style you’re more into and then pick a store from there.
If you’re into the more classy or casual style I would say your best bet for stores in America are H&M and GAP. Both those stores are really popular in Korea. there’s also a store called yesstyle, but the problem with that store is that the only store is in California. But they do have a website ( where you can order from there. I’m pretty sure that Korea doesn’t have Heritage over there but it still is on the more classy and casual style that I would say is pretty ulzzang style. Also J Crew is a classy store to go to. My brother shops there and he gets some pretty awesome classic clothes there (it’s more on the fancier side).
If you’re more into the hip-hop trend I would say go to Forever21 for their men’s department. They have some cool hip-hop stuff. They even tend to carry a lot of black clothing items so if you’re into the grunge or all black style check it out there.
To be honest Ulzzangs are kinda into designer clothes more but not always. Some designers they like are Boy London, Y-3, Channel, Hood By Air, etc. but those are more in the street style, grunge, and hip-hop area.
There’s also (I think it’s still around) a website made by Chris who is a famous Chinese tomboy called Mr. Rich. I’m not really sure but you can go check it out yourself if you’re interested in it.
That’s all I got. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m repeating myself in here or in other posts but this is pretty much all I have for you guys. I’ll try to open my mind for more shops for you guys because I know I’ve mentioned some stores a lot. But I don’t have much options here. So I just make the most out of it. You guys should too. Yes I hope this helped you out a little of how you want to dress now. Thank you~~

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Anonymous asked: Hey i love your blog :D very inspirational and you're very pretty :D


Hahaha I’m so glad that it’s inspirational for you!! I try my best~~
Hu hu~ I’m not that pretty xP

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