Asian Tomboys

Anonymous asked: Hello I was creepin' around your tumblr and I was just wondering why you don't think you're attractive? I find you attractive and not only because of how you look. I also like how you presume yourself. Sorry you don't have to answer this.


Lol Aawww thank you! That was really nice to read. To be honest I just don’t find myself attractive and honestly I don’t get many “oh you’re attractive” comments. But i don’t really care lol because I wanna be me and be who I am. But I’m glad that you think I am attractive not only by my looks but how I am. I think you’re an honest person and I love that! Thank you so much for the chat! And of course I would reply back! I love talking to you guys and helping you guys because not only am I helping you guys but I’m helping myself. I thank you all for your love and support! THANK YOU ALL!! ❤️❤️❤️💋

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obliviousinoblivion asked: Can a tomboy still be a tomboy if they don't have short hair? Just curious! <3


Of course! Zai Zai was a tomboy model and she had really long hair (until she chopped it all off later). But to be honest being tomboy doesn’t mean you have to look like a boy. Being tomboy is your actions and your personality being more on the masculine side. So don’t worry if you or someone else doesn’t have the short hair, it can be long. It’s up to the person’s perception.

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<3 asian fashion/style… these girls look sooo cool c:

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